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Fuse Box Relocation - May 10, 2010  · Fuse Panel Relocation. I hate to lay on my back under the dash also. Being that I'm tubbing this car, there won't be any room for the rag top, which would make a nice location for the fuse panel. The panel would basically be in the middle of the car. My only concern is safety with the added length to the wires going to the front.. FWIW, since I started looking yesterday, I've found 2 people who have relocated the fuse box, with pictures over on S14Power - there's a thread there for those interested in. May 15, 2014  · I'm trying to find some info on what size fuse to use for the battery relocation. I found a nice kit from car toys that has 20' of 4 guage wire, a 175amp fuse and holder for 50 bucks but is that fuse on the low side? also doesnt the fuse box on top of the battery cover the fuse.

Oct 28, 2013  · Hey all, I'm working on a harness for a customer that is getting a fuse box relocation to the bins (FD) + LS3 harness integration and I figured I'd show a couple pics of the method for the fuse box relocation process.. Fuse Box Relocation? I can fit everything if i shift the battery to the furthest left and relocate the fuse box that is on the right side somewhere else. I took off that one screw that holds it but some other clip type thing is holding it down.. Fuse Panel Solution Synopsis: How to move your stock fuse panel without any major work and tedious splicing. So after trying to install an aftermarket clutch pedal assembly I realized that it would be easier to try to move the fuse panel..

Jul 09, 2007  · Mike the fuserail will fit through the hole in the firewall its just a pain in the ass, have to squash the wires and be very patient as it can get very frustrating, worst part. Dec 18, 2016  · EP82 / EP91 Wire Tuck & Fuse Box Relocation After receiving multiple enquiries in relation to the engine loom tuck we carried out on our EP91 we. With two of the fuse holders and one 10 amp, and one 20 amp circuit-breaker, you will build a new main fuse box (actually, what you are building is a mini circuit-breaker panel). Here is where I also used the two-prong trailer plug, putting one end on the new fuse box, and the receiving end in place of the stock connector on the bike..

This battery relocation procedure is for street use only. The NHRA rule also required a sealed battery box with a vent tube; the procedure described below does not use a sealed battery box, so keep that in mind if you need to adhere to stricter NHRA rules for battery relocation.. Dec 13, 2007  · battery relocation wiring The upper left item is a heavy duty circuit breaker for the main power to the fuse block at the firewall. I will mount the solenoids in the trunk or rear passenger side panel. Where is the fuse box on a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country. Reply 1: Hello, Here are the fuse panel locations and and diagrams of the relays and.

Relay Box Fuse - $107.79 Relay Box Fuse Box Relay Battery Maserati Quattroporte V M139. 6 X 2004 - $162.00 6 X 2004 - 2009 Toyota Prius 7.7v Nimh Hybrid Battery Cells Module 2nd Gen Metra 70-8215amp Toyota Avalon 2005-2010 Vehicle Radio Relocation Wire Harnesses. Metra 70-1856 Gm - $36.95 Metra 70-1856 Gm Tuner Relocation Harness 17 Inches. Oct 25, 2012  · This write up will cover many of the different aspects of how to rewire/tuck your engine/chassis harness and relocate your fuse box. I'm in the middle of mine so this won't be complete till mine is done but I will share what I've got up till now..

Fuse Box Relocation - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums turbodreamz22, you will need to rotate the fusebox at a minimum (if you get a ram horn style manifold). Heat tape works quite well!
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