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“A huge ‘thank you’ for inspiring Ollie B his eyes shine when he talks about Theatre Camp, We were so thrilled and shocked to see him up on stage - singing. Ollie B- singing all on his own - we nearly had heart attacks! IT WAS GREAT!” Mrs L Arizairno ,Park Hill School

“Thank you for giving Annabel and Zoe such a fab four days, it was the making of them.” Carrie, Park Hill School

“Jessica thoroughly enjoys her time at the camps, they are well run and supervised. Jessica wants to go and asks to go back ! “ Mrs E Price, The Study

“ I have seen children shining on that stage the ones that are normally too shy to say good morning to me. “ Mr Harrison, Holy Cross Prep

"Its true what they say about inspirational teachers lighting up childrens minds - well done!" Sue Strachn, Cransley School

"My eight year old daughter has been going to all4kids regularly for a couple of years and loves it. Denise is great fun, the kids adore her and the week is packed with activities. The best thing about it is seeing the children become more confident on stage. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!"

"Henrietta had another great week with you - Many thanks ..Philippa"


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